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Tunic challenge continued...

Hello to you all and may I wish you all the best for the festive season and above all a happy new year! I'm posting a little prematurely because I'll be too busy on Christmas Eve to post... Day 4 - Tunic Challenge What is it about getting older that makes the time go so fast? Before I knew it, it was Monday again and back to volunteering. This is what I wore. Everything is charity shopped. Jacket by Country Casuals; trousers by H&M; tunic by Indulgence.  Boots by River Island. All jewellery and headscarf charity shopped. I like this tunic so it's a keeper.  I spent the morning decoding the women's clothes except for coats, dresses and sportswear. We have a new policy for decoding now where we reduce everything to 50p unless it's higher end stuff and then it gets sent on to other shops or we redate it. The reason for reducing everything to 50p is because the companies that collect the unwanted clothes (rags) from charities have reduced the

The end of the dress challenge...thank goodness!

I'm definitely fed up with the wearing of dresses now; so here's a few more cheats in that I've already worn  these dresses on previous blog posts... Day 17 This one has gone to be re-donated. I don't like it on me and its tight around the arms. Worn here with a kimono bought for 5.00 and checked leggings which also went to be re-donated - too thin. Day 18 This dress is by Wallis and made of very thin material. I love the sleeves  and the bright colours so this one's a keeper. Waistcoat by Next charity shopped; and black boots by Sainsbury's. Day 19 This one is also made of very thin material. I bought it for 1.00 in the 3:16 charity shop and wore it on my birthday trip to London in March this year. I was frozen; even though I wore it with leggings (from M&S retail). Black ankle boots present from my daughter as was the leather biker jacket. Day 20 Everything charity shopped but can only remember where the spotted