Thursday, 2 March 2017

Senior moments...

A bit of catching up to do on the blog as last week I posted about the story of my brother in two parts.

Spring is on its way! These buds were spotted on my next to last
Sunday walk of 8.5 miles. I also saw banks of snowdrops, crocuses, primroses and some tiny daffodils - all seen in wild places and not in people's gardens.

Here's a few of  the week before last week's outfits.

Everything charity shopped except the boots - Christmas 2016 present from daughter.

I wanted to show this necklace which I picked up at the Red Cross on Monday for £1.50. I also bought some bangles and a couple of books. All jewellery charity shopped.

Pink corduroy shirt bought from £1 rail in the Red Cross a few weeks back.

Everything is charity shopped except the brown boots - Christmas present 2015.

All jewellery charity shopped.

I walked Wednesday the week before last (6.2 miles) and on the Friday of the same week I walked 5.5 miles. A good week's walking for me; just on 20 miles which is what I want to do on a weekly basis. What else have I been up to?

I finished my blanket...

Thanks to Attic 24 here for the Granny Stripe pattern.

Last Thursday I paid a visit to Barnardo's in Great Denham - I know - but I couldn't resist a quick peek to see if they still had their sale rail. They did. I bought 5 tops at 1.00 each. A yellow tunic; a brown waistcoat, two striped tops and a floral top.

I paid a visit to the library last Saturday and got a pile of books - just what I don't need, more books to read, but I've been after a few of the titles for a while...

This was last Saturday's outfit. Everything charity shopped except the top which was from Store 21 sale.

I bought the waistcoat for £1.00 in the Red Cross two weeks ago. I think it's hand made as there are no labels. It has lovely embroidery on the pockets:

Boots were also from the Red Cross but I can't remember where I bought the jeans.

All jewellery charity shopped. I bought this unusual chain which I think looks very Art Deco in the Heart Foundation shop in Northampton.

Last Sunday I went out early for another walk and did 5 miles.
I've been asked to lead another walk for the Rambler's summer walks programme in May. I won't do a new route but reverse the route I used in 2016 when I led my first walk; it will be around 7 miles and hopefully we'll have decent weather...

Monday's outfit.

All jewellery charity shopped. I forgot to put my bangles on  - I was running slightly late.

This is the yellow tunic I bought last week in Barnardo's for 1.00. It's from H&M; the top is from Cotton Traders and was also charity shopped.

The tunic has pockets! Floral leggings, Store 21 sale and brown boots from Sainsbury's.

I know memory worsens as you get older. I've certainly noticed a change in mine. I sometimes can't remember the word for something - for example a while ago it took me to two days to think of the word for 'brioche'! I never forget faces but often forget names. I start out to do things but I get easily sidetracked by other things and don't always finish what I started.  But this weekend I realised I had had a major memory lapse. For the past five months I've been driving around without an MOT.

I'd got my car serviced in September and thought it had been MOT'd as well. It hadn't. I had to get to the nearest MOT place pretty sharpish on Monday; I can tell you. I'm just so lucky I didn't get gripped by the police; or even more serious have an accident. No MOT means invalid car insurance. Apparently, I should have had a text message reminder last September from the MOT centre but I didn't receive one. They've set one up now so I can't make this mistake again. Don't worry, I'm sure I haven't got dementia but am exhibiting typical memory changes as part of the ageing process...

I remembered to go to the food bank on Tuesday morning! I missed my last session because I had the lurgy and didn't want to share it. It was good to be back. It's quite a physical role in the warehouse; bending and stretching and lifting and weighing boxes of stuff. I always come home with a pleasant ache in my back that tells me I've been challenging my body.

I bought this dress on Monday at the Red Cross - a M&S navy blue sweater dress for 1.99. Everything is charity shopped including the striped tights which attracted a lot of comment. They're going to go in the charity shop bag because although they fit fine in the leg the pants part only comes just up to my hips and they roll down gradually...

All jewellery, including watch, is charity shopped.

I bought some lovely blue beads as well on Monday at the Red Cross and something for the OH.

On Wednesday I set out to walk with the group. I never made it. I was putting my faith in my sat nav to find the meeting point and it sent me through a village and around the houses. I knew it was wrong when it told me to turn into Clophill village. but I was thinking "maybe it's a shortcut" it soon became the apparent the sat nav didn't know what it was doing!  Oh well, at least it was the sat nav's fault and not me having a senior moment! By the time I found a safe space to park up and reset the destination point I would  have got there too late.   One thing I've learnt about my Rambler's group,  in the three years I've been a member, is that they leave punctually at 10 am. I came back home and went for a six mile walk by myself...

Here I am; hot and sweaty on the final leg...I was walking with poles so didn't have a free hand to carry my jacket in and so it stayed on.

This is what I'd stopped for. Two swans resting in a huge field. I don't know about you but up until about a  year ago I had only ever seen swans on water or near water; canal side, riverside, lakeside. Then one day en route to Kettering; I spotted a wedge (flock) of swans resting in a water logged field. I began to see more and more swans in fields away from water. I don't know if this has always happened but I've only noticed it recently.

I also spotted yellowhammers on my walk - brilliant flashes of bright yellow in and out of the hedgerows.

This was Thursday's outfit.

Everything charity shopped except the boots and blue tights - just seen. I bought the floral top which is by Wallis, from Barnardo's in Great Denham last week. I had my scarf on as I'd been out food shopping and forgot to take it off! All jewellery is charity shopped.

Later, I tried some different earrings and a necklace...

On Friday, I'm going for a walk with the group. I know how to get to the destination so won't be relying on the sat nav. It will be an 8 mile walk along the Greensand Ridge and I'm looking forward to it. I'll just need to add in a couple of miles walk on Saturday to reach my target of twenty miles this week.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend; the weather's been remarkably pleasant the last few days; is it going to last, I wonder?


  1. Some lovely looks here, and you've reminded me that I need to renew both my passport and my government photo ID (I don't have a driver's licence).

    I like the stripey tights, but when they do that roll...gone!

    1. Thank you, Sheila,

      Glad I jogged your memory!

      Have a lovely weekend

  2. Gorgeous crochet, fabulous green pendant, wonderful jewellery and printed top in the last photo, great embroidered waistcoat and wonderfully vibrant mustard tunic! Have I missed anything out? Phew!
    The yellowhammer is lovely, I've never seen one of those.
    Funnily enough we were amazed to see a field with a flock (?) of swans on our way down to London the other day.
    Gah! I hate forgetting words! I keep doing The guardian crossword to give my brain a nudge.
    It's bitterly cold and rainy here this morning, not looking forward to a three and a half hour drive to The Lakes later. xxx

    1. Thank you, Vix.

      I've had to abandon my planned walk on Friday as it is peeing down here - dammnit!

      Yes, the swans thing is interesting I'll have to try and find out...

  3. That embroidered waistcoat looks so cosy. You've made some great chazza finds.

    I've got prosopagnosia - faceblindness. It's partial; my diagnosis is 'functional but impaired'. I got diagnosed when I thought I had early-onset dementia, and it turns out I've never remembered people well, I just hadn't realised. It does make me worry that if I do get dementia, the early signs will be missed. Will you MOT last a full year from now, or just the seven months that would have been remaining if you'd had your car MOTed at the proper time?

    1. Gosh Mim - that must be a pain in the you know what but at least it's partial and not full! I remember watching a programme about weird things that can happen to people after a brain insult/injury and one poor man had prosopagnosia and couldn't even remember his wife's face!

      The MOT lasts for a full year.

      Dementia is such a worry and yet it seems that so many of us will end up with it. That's one of the reasons why I like to live in the moment.

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  5. Some great outfits there Veronica. I particularly like the scarf you are wearing with the navy knitted tunic. Well done on the granny stripe blanket and the lovely colourful granny hexagons on the stool. I'm hoping to do the granny stripe for my van. On that subject, was wondering if you might do a post about yours sometime this year?? I for one would be really interested.
    I've done all of those things you mentioned, (apart from the MOT) I even walked out of a pub once without paying for my food and drink! I always have a list on the go reminding me about bills and car servicing etc. I do crosswords and quizzes in the hope it will keep the grey matter functioning and learning French helps too I'm told.
    I'm impressed by your you walk even if it's raining? I'm strictly fair weather. x

    1. Fiona - I did a little bit about it here:
      but that is a very good idea and thank you for that. I will take some photos when I'm away in April and do it when I come back.

      Yes, I'm a fair weather walker, too. I wont walk if it is raining substantially - I don't mind a bit of drizzle and I won't walk if it's snowing. I don't mind the cold or the wind unless they're very high as in Storm Doris!

      I nearly walked out of a cafe a few weeks back forgetting I hadn't paid!

  6. Some lovely jewellery and outfits, wish I could find some £1 rails. I'm so glad you mentioned about forgetting words because I do it quite often and it started to worry me but if you do it too its probably ok, also my spelling has got bad.!!

    1. Thank you!

      Keep looking Polly - most charity shops have them at some time or another especially at the end of season...

      My spelling has got worse as well!

  7. I used to have a pair of leggings the same design as your tights! I do envy you getting out walking I miss it so much.

    1. Join a local group, Gisela and go when you can. The weather is getting better as well - always an incentive, I think.

  8. Your outfits are always so lovely but I have to say that your stripey tights are utterly fabulous. Shame that they are having to go. I love your crochet blanket. Did you make the gorgeous one made up of hexagons too? That one is fab. Embroidered pockets are such a great idea. That waistcoat is gorgeous. I have senior moments all the time and have to make massive lists just so that I don't forget things at work. I blame being too busy. :) Xx

  9. I use the wrong words so often my son has stopped correcting me and just nods, or finishes the sentences for me! I'd be hopeless without my, "To do" lists.

    Your outfits are so cheerful this week-it feels like spring already. I hope your Weekend walk was nice.

    1. Goody - it's lovely to hear from you.

      I've been comforted by everyone's comments that it's happening to us all. I think as we age we all carry that fear of the big 'A' striking us...

  10. Hello just found your blog, it is lovely
    i love your style too :)
    keep posting

    1. Thank you, Brooklyn.

      I'll pop over to your blog in a minute...

  11. So many fabulous outfits!, love all your thrifted bijouterie, particularly that purple necklace over the mustard tunic, and all your bangles!.
    Such a lovely waistcoat with those embroidered details!.
    I'm admiring all those long walks you're doing!, so inspiring!

    1. I think I have a bijouterie addiction, Monika!! I can't stop buying it...

  12. All your outfits are so well put together, and you have the most fabulous jewellery - you really have an eye for interesting pieces!
    Look at those swans - I've never seen them in a field before either. xx

    1. I'd love to know if the swans are a 'new' thing or not. I've lived in a rural setting or very close to one since 1981 and have never seen this before!

      It's lovely to hear from you.

  13. Oooo, lots of lovely colourful clothes here again this week, Veronica! I love the patterned leggings, and the waistcoat that's got so many votes too, and also the mustard tunic is rather fab as well. I think you maybe ought to pack up the stripey tights and send them my way - I can usually rememdy this - send them and I'll feature them on my blog too!

    Your 20 miles a week is so impressive. It amazes me how you find the time to do that. Your grandchildren, volunteering, blogging, crocheting, shopping, well that all takes up time never mind all that walking. You're amazing.

    Have a fab week x

    1. Thank you, Anna.

      Email me your address, Anna, and I'll send it to you, pronto! On one condition though - that you let us into your secret of how to fix rolling down tights. I will be most interested to see if they do fit you as you look to have long legs and I have very short legs but you don't have rolls of fat round your middle and I do.

      I bought those tights a street jumble and there' another one this year; I hope the same women is there she had dozens of packs of stripey tights.

    2. Will email you my address anon. How exciting! I can't wait to get my hands on these.

      Anna x