Saturday, 4 February 2017

I've been wearing prints all week

Mondays are always busy for me. Often the youngest grandson stays on Sunday night and I have to get him ready, breakfast and then do the school run. Then it's back to get ready and off to the Red Cross from 9.30 to 1pm. I usually have a few things to pick up in town when I've finished there then I go home and have some lunch and do some chores. Before I know it, it's time to pick the children up from school. I didn't get to sit down on Monday until 5 pm!

All jewellery charity shopped except watch, Christmas present 2016 and earrings which are from Sainsburys.

This is the coral cardigan I bought from the Red Cross last week for £1.99. It's from Monsoon.

Jeans, M&S; Top, George. All bought at the Red Cross. Boots; Christmas present 2015 or 2014.

Tuesday was foodbank in the morning. I worked so hard I was actually sweating - although I did have a jumper, a thick cardigan and gloves on! After the foodbank I spent much of the afternoon sorting out kitchen stuff for eldest grandson who has moved to a new place in London. I went into town to look for a few extra bits for him and managed to get them in Poundland and in a couple of charity shops. I was very good and bought nothing in the way of clothes for me! I now have three bags of kitchen stuff waiting to be collected...

I have finished 'A Harp in Lowndes Square' by Rachel Ferguson. It was quite a strange novel but really enjoyable; I do like this author and have another two books of hers waiting to be read; one of which is a Persephone book. I've only managed three books this month as I've been crocheting. If I want to achieve more books read this year than last I need to get on with it. I should save the crocheting for when I'm watching TV.

I've been wearing animal prints quite a lot this week. In the picture above which was Wednesday's outfit I'm wearing an M&S blue animal print cardigan over black cords and a denim shirt. All charity shopped. I'm all crumpled because these photos were taken just before bed.

The boots are also charity shopped.

All jewellery charity shopped. The earrings were bought in Devon last weekend for a £1.00.

I went walking on Wednesday as well as walking around town doing errands like renewing my parking permit. I walked about 7 miles in total. I'm also walking on Friday  - as bus walk from Milton Ernest back to Bedford. I just hope it doesn't rain!

This coat is vintage - I think. There is no label; not even a care label. It is so reminiscent of coats from the 1960s; they sometimes also had a detachable fur collar and often the buttons were huge. My mum had one. I bought this in Devon at the weekend for £3.00.

It has  a very musty smell unfortunately which I'm trying to eradicate. I had it hanging on the line all day and I sprayed it with what I thought was Febreze - only it wasn't. It was Febreze air freshener! The next thing to try is to steam it with my hand held steamer.

On Thursday I took the youngest grandson for his UV treatment at the hospital. He suffers from eczema and the treatment is really helping his skin. I took him to school and then went and did the food shopping. I didn't need to go Sainsbury's this week just Lidl. I used to do my main shop at Sainsbury's and top up at Lidl. Over the years (since 2002) the balance has now shifted, so I do the bulk of the shopping at Lidl and top up with certain things at Sainsbury's.

I'm wearing a dress from New Look and an animal print shirt from Per Una at M&S. Both charity shopped in Devon at the weekend. Boots from Sainsbury's; Christmas 2017 present from OH.

All the jewellery is charity shopped. I bought this necklace in Oxfam in Newport Pagnell early in 2016.

 I did a bus walk on Friday with the Ramblers and walked 7 miles. It is so much more enjoyable walking across fields and through woods and by rivers rather than just road and street walking which is what I've been doing lately. It was muddy but that's only to be expected with all the rain we've had.  I saw a buzzard showing off  its lovely plumage and saw and heard skylarks. I always associate skylarks with Spring but they're here all year  round, I think.

 More animal print today; a tunic from M&S; gilet from  Mc and Co;  both charity shopped. Leggings M&S retail and OTK boots bought on line.

All jewellery charity shopped.

I have been so good this week. I've bought no clothes at all and have put the following in the charity shop bag; 3 cardigans, 2 dresses, 2 pairs of trousers and 2 tunics. I've sorted out one of my coat/jackets to take to Ireland at Easter as I have a replacement one now.

I also had a brainwave this week, so I'll share it with you although you may have been doing it already! I ruin a lot of my tights as my big toes frequently poke holes in the foot (this is despite me cutting my toenails regularly!) There is nothing as uncomfortable as tights with holes in the feet. As I tossed yet another pair of tights in the bin this week, I suddenly thought why not cut the feet off and add socks to cover the missing feet? It works but only if you're wearing boots!

We went to see my son  on Saturday. It's his 37th birthday on Monday. We all gave him money and a few little extras from me.

Everything is charity shopped except the OTK boots - online retail. The dress was BNWT and came out of the 49p box at the RSPCA in Sandy earlier this year. They were obviously trying to get rid of their winter dresses. Yes, I'm wearing the mustard jacket again - it goes with lots of my clothes; it's by Country Casuals and was 1.99 at the Red Cross.

Earrings are old and from Sainsburys about 8 years ago - tiered necklace 50p from Red Cross charity shop. Bangles, ring and brooch all charity shopped.

I've got tomorrow and next Tuesday afternoon to recce my walk for the Ramblers on Wednesday. I just hope the rain keeps off. Keep your fingers crossed for me!


  1. I very much like your vintage coat, (hope you can get rid of the smell) coral cardi and those lovely chunky beads. You've had a busy week! I also used to shop at Sainsbury's but now it's Aldi weekly and Sainsbury's online about 3 times a year. I got pissed off with them when they started charging £1.50 for a cauli!

  2. I love how glamourous you are in your everyday outfits - you just seem to really have fun with fashion, no matter what you're doing. You are also an ace thrifter, Veronica - you have such a great eye for pieces (I know I've said that before). I hope you had a great weekend! Love your vintage coat - I hope the steamer works.

  3. really lovely outfits!, I like how you try different options, pants, tunic-dresses, even those fabulous OTK boots! You rock in them!
    And your mustard jacket looks lovely every time you wear it, it's a beautiful color!
    Sorry about the smell on the vintage coat, it looks like a quality piece with a cute 60's style. Wish you luck!

  4. Would Vix's vodka spray mix work on the coat? It's great on smelly dresses. If I recall right it's a mix of equal parts vodka and water and then spray and let dry.

    Love the coral cardigan.

  5. * Fiona
    Yes, I find myself wanting to grab people in Sainsbury's and say "do you realise you can buy this in Lidl for half the price?"

    * Sheila - thank you, I am being very good at the moment and buying very little in the way of clothes - I hope I don't lose my 'eye'!

    * Monika - thank you. You are very kind. It's always good to try everything then at least you know what doesn't work...

    * Gisela - Yes. I was wondering about this. Thank you you've saved me having to search for it! The only problem is daughter drank all the vodka so I'll have to buy some more!

  6. Ha, like Gisela I was going to recommend Vix's vodka spray! That coat is really lovely. I hope you're able to get the whiff out of it.

    I sew up the runs in opaque tights. I don't bother with sheers, though - so I'll splash out on decent opaques, but wear cheapo Peacocks sheers.

  7. That coat is a beauty and a smashing colour to boot! Those 1950s/1960s collarless coats sell like hot cakes when I get hold of them. Try the vodka or, if you've out of the hard stuff, bung the coat in the tumble dryer on delicate for 20 minutes with a clean tea towel with a few drops of an essential oil like lemongrass or lavender, that should freshen it up a bit.
    The mustard jacket is lovely, no wonder it's a favourite. xxx

  8. Dear Vronni, I'm gobsmacked that you managed to find any dress, never mind such a lovely one, for only 49p! The charity shops in Cornwall are good, but not that cheap - oh how I envy you. But, I do have to say well done, that you were very restrained this week not buying any clothes at all. It must be difficult with all that temptation around you. At least here, I don't have much in the way of temptation to cope with.
    I love that chunky multicoloured necklace that you wore midweek. And oh, you made me smile about the Fabreeze - I've been known to do that same thing myself!
    Wishing you a lovely week x