Thursday, 21 April 2016


When I started this blog I struggled to find a title. I wanted the blog to reflect my interest in fashion/style for mature women on a tight budget and my love of walking, so the 'meanderings' seemed an apt choice. Today I looked up in the Cambridge On Line Dictionary the definition of 'meandering':

moving ​slowly in no ​particular ​direction or with no ​clearpurpose:

Not exactly what I thought but hey it will have to do! My walks are rarely meandering as I usually know where I'm going and roughly how to get there. I'm doing a lot of walking this week...

I went walking on Wednesday on my own own. I walked the route I'll be taking when I lead the walk on 15th June. The woods were full of bluebells. I walked this same route last week on Wednesday, but had to start from a different place as my car was out of action to get to the actual starting point.

In just one week the oil seed rape has flowered leaving bright yellow fields everywhere.

I spotted some cowslips. 

I also saw: 2 Muntjac deer, 1 green woodpecker, I pheasant
2 buzzards; as well as the usual sparrows; dunnocks,  meadow pipits, blackbirds, robins, wood pigeons, starlings, magpies, crows, rooks, jackdaws and I heard, but didn't see, blue tits and great tits.
I also heard lots of skylarks and saw a couple performing low aerobatics over a field. 

The sun shone and it was a glorious day. The walk is exactly 7 miles and I think I have finally found how to enter and exit the woods in the same place. I've tried on at least six or seven previous occasions and each time I enter or leave at different places - a bit like Milton Keynes! I'm going to re walk it on Thursday and then I can be sure I have the right route finally nailed. 

On Friday I'm doing a bus walk of 7 miles and on Saturday OH and I are doing the 29th 'Unlock London' walk. This is a walk (see here) organised by a Christian charity and each year features walks between different churches in different areas of London - nearly all of whom offer tea and cake for refreshments! 

We are not religious, in fact both of us are agnostic, but we did this walk last year from Southwark, Bermondsey to Deptford and enjoyed it so much we're doing it again this year in Stratford and Hackney.

I walked the route again on Thursday  - another 7 miles!

I'm wearing the necklace I bought on Saturday at the Bedford Guild Hall for £1.50. Earrings charity shopped.

Wearing a tunic charity shopped in Sue Ryder in Northampton £1.00;  leggings charity shopped this week in Newport Pagnell. I went there on Tuesday afternoon and got these leggings, (M & S, £2.00) in Keech Cottage Hospice shop; a beautiful red jacket, (£5.00, RSPCA), an over the bath airer for 50p (!), 2 brooches 50p each and some turquoise beads for £1.50. On Monday I bought a green cotton tunic for £5.00 from my charity shop, Save the Children and a long sleeved printed t shirt for £1.00.

I wore this fur gilet for warmth as it was cooler on Thursday.  Gilet from charity shop in Donegal, 2015. The shoes are from Next and I bought them a few months back from the Oxfam shop for £5.00 - BNWT!

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